Comprehensive service for your e-book acquisitions:

Our e-book portal provides a quick and compact overview of your e-book acquisitions and serves as a helpful orientation guide.
  • Can my library purchase individual titles?
  • What are the minimum requirements?
  • What is the pricing for subject packages?
  • Will additional fees be charged?
  • Can our users print, copy and download content?
  • What possibilities does ebrary offer for a PDA model for my library?
  • What services does Dietmar Dreier offer for e-book acquisitions?

Answers to these questions and more are available on Dietmar Dreier’s e-book portal!

Here you’ll find more information on available acquisitions options for your favorite publishers. The portal is a great tool for navigating the various publisher models on offer and highlights all of our current offers and discounts.

Our services:

  • One in-house point of contact at Dietmar Dreier   
  • Bibliography platform for e-books
  • Subject-specific profile service
  • Broker between publisher and library
  • Comprehensive consulting independent of publisher
  • Sales for individual titles and packages
  • Build your own subject packages
  • Generate title offers with pricing models
  • Bundle print and online publications
  • Price negotiations for high-volume purchases
  • Handling of license agreements
  • Invoicing in the format you’re used to
  • Library discounts
  • Handling of activation
  • Order monitoring
  • Procurement of trial access/test accounts
  • On-site presentations or webinars
  • Finding your preference
Team E - Customer Support E-Books
fon: + 49 (0) 2065 77 55 - 14
fax: + 49 (0) 2065 77 55 - 33
mail: 7465616D2D6540646965746D61726472656965722E64657465616D2D6540646965746D61726472656965722E6465

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