About us

Dietmar Dreier is an international library supplier, serving European academic libraries since 1981. We're a reliable, highly-specialized source for:
  • domestic and international scientific monographs
  • e-books and databases
  • continuations and series
  • antiquarian and gray literature
  • information media in all subject areas
We’re a trusted partner for both print and electronic media acquisitions for our academic library clients.

We’re a family company under second generation management with 40 employees. We’re specialized in procuring technical and academic literature from the United Kingdom, the USA, the Netherlands and the German-speaking countries for European academic libraries. We also import titles from around the world based on the original price.

In addition to our traditional procurement services and our attractive discounts for libraries, we provide a range of specialist services, including our subject specific new release service and FYP: finding your preference. Our e-book portal has become an increasingly invaluable resource for client libraries in recent years, where you’ll find definitive answers to all things related to e-book acquisitions. Our close work with client libraries to develop customized technical solutions, as well as our comprehensive data transfer service and order automation option round out our extensive range of services.

As a family company, we’re committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for young people. We’ve trained over 90 young high school graduates since 1981, many of whom are still with us today.

At Dietmar Dreier we stand for excellence in the field of library management solutions.

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