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Dietmar Dreier, an international library supplier, is a family company under second-generation management. We're committed to educating the next generation of leaders in the library solution management industry here in house – with a proven track record of success!

We've provided educational opportunities to over 90 young newcomers to the industry since 1981, many of whom still work for us today. We're proud to offer interesting and varied apprenticeship experiences to young, committed high school graduates. Whether it's placing orders, doing research or filing complaints about titles sourced from all over the world, our apprentices are fully immersed in Dietmar Dreier’s internal processes—from the incoming delivery of books to their ultimate dispatch to client libraries.

We offer a comprehensive three-year apprenticeship program for wholesale import and export clerks in close cooperation with a local vocational school. Our program provides apprentices with first-hand practical experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge of all relevant commercial and operational content.

We're committed to providing enriching apprenticeship experiences while providing for job and social security.

As market competition continues to increase, our focus has shifted to driving progress and innovation in the information media sector (scientific literature and e-books). In addition to traditional procurement services, we offer our clients a range of attractive, continually-evolving service options.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung
Dietmar Dreier
Frau Diane Korneli-Dreier
Bernhard-Röcken-Weg 1
47228 Duisburg

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