Dietmar Dreier, Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
                                19.-21. Oktober 2016
                                   Frankfurter Buchmesse

                            Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.
             Sie finden uns im ILC (International Library Centre)
                                         in Halle 4.2. N75.

Dietmar Dreier, Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
Dietmar Dreier
Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
International Library Suppliers

Bernhard-Roecken-Weg 1
D – 47228 Duisburg


We assist our clients with the acquisition of desired resources and happily process individualized outsourcing packages.



We support your title selection and procurement

•  Subject-specific new title email alert service (for Print and E-Books)
•  Standing orders according to each library’s custom purchasing profile
•  Approval plan according to each library’s custom purchasing profile
•  Procurement of grey literature from around the world
•  Procurement of out-of-print literature and literature published outside of the
   publishing trade, such as Row B of the German Library, with the tracing of
   reference addresses included
•  Monthly new release alert service for major reference works
•  DEBI-Service (Dietmar Dreier E-Book Information Service)
•  E-Book User Guide (on a yearly basis)



We also deliver shelf-ready books. We provide

•  Affixation of the inventory-, order-, or identification number (Book/Bill)
•  Affixation of the library stamp in the book
•  Affixation of the call number to the spine
•  Affixation of the security tag in the book
•  RFID (Affixation and programming the RFID-Tags)
•  Barcode labelling
•  Bookbinding of paperback and board-bound volumes according to the
   specifications of the library



We offer additional services

•  Personalized, reliable service provided by our account managers
•  Free shipping
•  Guaranteed return and exchange policy for unsatisfactory products
•  Online bibliography platform for Print and E-Books
•  Custom, library-specific billing options
•  Flexible terms of payment
•  Regular updates on our sales statistics
•  Online budget surveillance
•  Duplicate checks
•  Environmentally-friendly packaging
•  We absorb the costs associated with the profit and income tax
   (for the domestic market) and, if applicable, any import sales taxes incurred
   on behalf of the client.
•  We accept orders via email, fax, regular mail or telephone.
•  We accept and process all common file formats (ex. EDI, XML) generated by
   library systems such as Aleph, OCLC and Libero.