Dietmar Dreier, Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
Dietmar Dreier, Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
Dietmar Dreier
Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
International Library Suppliers

Bernhard-Roecken-Weg 1
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With our 30 years of experience, we’ve successively created a network that has
allowed us to perfect the import of many antiquarian and rare books.
Dietmar Dreier’s numerous international bank accounts make it possible for us
to pay cash up front immediately in the respective foreign currency to ensure
our libraries have the fastest turnaround possible for each order.
Doing business worldwide is made easy by our accounts in Great Britain and
the United States.

In our experience, many private sellers and smaller antiquarian and rare book
dealers are rather reluctant to ship and sell their products to foreign entities.
To address this issue, we’ve secured delivery addresses in the United States,
Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Spain.
These international points of collection significantly reduce delivery costs for
each antiquarian or rare book purchase; delivery time is also reduced by the
automated daily forwarding of all incoming foreign goods from our international
collection points directly to our headquarters. This interactive network has been
so popular with our clients that the number of antiquarian and rare book orders
has steadily increased since its implementation.

For this reason, we founded in January 2009 our own
Antiquarian and rare book procurement department Antiquarian procurement


Of course, you’re more than welcome to contact the Dietmar Dreier account manager
with whom you are accustomed to working (Contact).

We take both the condition of the document as well as the original price into account,
and attempt to be equally mindful of both of these factors when selecting the final
title for procurement.

The respective procurement and search orders remain active in our system for
24 months unless otherwise indicated by the customer.
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns for antiquarian and rare book orders.

Option A:
Dietmar Dreier informs the library that a requested title is completely out of print.
If the library wishes to procure the book nonetheless, the library may then resubmit
the request with the note “ANTIQUARIAN”.
Option B:
Dietmar Dreier does not inform the library that a title is completely out of print
and automatically processes the antiquarian or rare book request.

Many of our libraries set a price limit with us in advance that serves as the basis
for our procurement process. In the event that the price for an antiquarian or rare
book exceeds this limit, Dietmar Dreier will contact the library in question to
request authorization before procuring the title.