Dietmar Dreier, Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
Dietmar Dreier, Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
Dietmar Dreier
Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung GmbH
International Library Suppliers

Bernhard-Roecken-Weg 1
D – 47228 Duisburg


We assist our clients with the acquisition of desired resources and happily process individualized outsourcing packages.



We support your title selection and procurement

•  Subject-specific new title email alert service (for Print and E-Books)
•  Standing orders according to each library’s custom purchasing profile
•  Approval plan according to each library’s custom purchasing profile
•  Procurement of grey literature from around the world
•  Procurement of out-of-print literature and literature published outside of the
   publishing trade, such as Row B of the German Library, with the tracing of
   reference addresses included
•  Monthly new release alert service for major reference works
•  DEBI-Service (Dietmar Dreier E-Book Information Service)
•  E-Book User Guide (on a yearly basis)



We also deliver shelf-ready books. We provide

•  Affixation of the inventory-, order-, or identification number (Book/Bill)
•  Affixation of the library stamp in the book
•  Affixation of the call number to the spine
•  Affixation of the security tag in the book
•  RFID (Affixation and programming the RFID-Tags)
•  Barcode labelling
•  Bookbinding of paperback and board-bound volumes according to the
   specifications of the library



We offer additional services

•  Personalized, reliable service provided by our account managers
•  Free shipping
•  Guaranteed return and exchange policy for unsatisfactory products
•  Online bibliography platform for Print and E-Books
•  Custom, library-specific billing options
•  Flexible terms of payment
•  Regular updates on our sales statistics
•  Online budget surveillance
•  Duplicate checks
•  Environmentally-friendly packaging
•  We absorb the costs associated with the profit and income tax
   (for the domestic market) and, if applicable, any import sales taxes incurred
   on behalf of the client.
•  We accept orders via email, fax, regular mail or telephone.
•  We accept and process all common file formats (ex. EDI, XML) generated by
   library systems such as Aleph, OCLC and Libero.



Patron-Driven Acquisitions

History and Best Practices

Hrsg. v. Swords, David A.

Reihe: Current Topics in Library and Information Practice


2011, Gebunden,

280 Seiten, Maße: 23 cm,

Sprache: Englisch,

De Gruyter,

ISBN-13: 9783110253016


About 40 percent of the books academic libraries purchase in traditional ways never circulate and another 40 percent circulate fewer than three times. By contrast, patron-driven acquisition allows a library to borrow or buy books only when a patron needs them.  [...]